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Table 1 Pseudocode for SLS trajectories optimization and generation

From: SmaRT2P: a software for generating and processing smart line recording trajectories for population two-photon calcium imaging

Input: random path through all ROIs (path0), labels indicating which ROI corresponds to each path0 pixel (tags)
Step 1. Find unique ROIs
For ROI in unique(tags):
    Find ROI centroid
Step 2. Find optimal path through ROIs centroids (pathTSP) applying genetic algorithm to solve TSP
Randomly initialize a population of 100 individuals (random paths through all ROIs)
Find minimum path length minglob and the individual than minimize path length (pathTSP)
For generation in [1:1000]:
    Compute the path length for each individual
    If exist a path shorter then minglob, then update minglob and pathTSP
    Randomly split population in groups of 4 individuals
    For each group of 4 individuals:
        Find the individual with shortest path
        Create 4 mutations (original, flip, swap, slide) of the individual for the next generation
Step 3. Compute pathSLS
Initialize empty trajectory pathSLS
For ROI in pathTSP:
    Find path through all ROI’s pixels (pathROI) using a greedy algorithm
    Append pathROI to pathTSP
Return: pathTSP