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Table 1 Seizure type description

From: Seizure classification with selected frequency bands and EEG montages: a Natural Language Processing approach

Seizure types Seizure subtypes Description
Generalized seizure (GNSZ) Absence seizure (ABSZ) Short and brief disturbance of consciousness
Myoclonic seizure (MYSZ) Brief and sudden arrhythmical jerks of muscles
Atonic seizure (ATSZ) Sudden loss of muscle tone in limb, neck, and trunk
Tonic seizure (TNSZ) Sudden stiffness of the limbs or trunk
Clonic seizure (CNSZ) Rhythmical jerking/shivering of muscles
Tonic–clonic seizure (TCSZ) Bilateral symmetric convulsive movements of limbs with the impediment of consciousness
Focal seizure (FNSZ) Simple partial seizure (SPSZ) Awareness is retained and patients are able to describe motor/sensory
Complex partial seizure (CPSZ) Consciousness is impaired and patients are not able to respond to tactile/verbal stimuli