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Table 8 Sample Predictions for FIFA World Cup 2018

From: A deep neural network approach for sentiment analysis of medically related texts: an analysis of tweets related to concussions in sports

Predicted label Tweet
Positive Is there a Concussion protocol in Soccer? #WorldCup #ENGBEL
Positive Football should allow players to be temporarily substituted in case of concussion. Hope #Nigeria keeper ok. #WorldCup
Negative Seen a lot of players faking head injury and theres another #worldcup
Negative In football, if the ref gets hit by a player so hard that he’s knocked unconscious, what happens? #WorldCup #billasksfootballquestions
Neutral You’d think he just lost 4 teeth and copped a concussion. #WorldCup
Neutral It has just been confirmed that muslera had concussion #Worldcup #URUFRA