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Table 2 Description of Sentiment labels of Concussion Dataset

From: A deep neural network approach for sentiment analysis of medically related texts: an analysis of tweets related to concussions in sports

Sentiment Description Example
Positive The author illustrates the severity of concussion and its superseding importance above all other sport’s related topic RT@[user]: Playing on with a concussion isn’t big or brave, it’s sheer stupidity. (#lions)
@[user] I know. Heard that he has a mild concussion. MLB needs to find a solution before something terrible happens.
Negative The author illustrates a degrade, lack of concern or understanding of the dangers of concussion and/or places more positive sentiments towards other sport’s related topic (i.e,. result of the game) I’m so glad Silva got his bell rung
I really enjoyed seeing Anderson Silva get his clock cleaned
Neutral The author provides no opinion about any given topic or does not illustrate a stronger positive opinion of one topic to another. Toews is definitely concussed
Cobb leaving hospital, placed on concussion list