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Table 1 List of acceptable components in a tweet. For each example, we bold the described component within the tweet

From: A deep neural network approach for sentiment analysis of medically related texts: an analysis of tweets related to concussions in sports



Example Tweet


Metadata tags are used to allow a user to apply dynamic user-generated keyword tags. Hashtag are introduced by the hash symbol “#”. It is then followed with the hashtag context which comprises of one or more keywords.

Damn!!! Out cold!! Awesome knockout @KingMoFH#BellatorMMA

RT @ConcussHealth: RT @keithmxatc: Offseason #concussion woes of NFL players a scary reminder of a serious problem | Shutdown Corner’


Mentions are citations to a specific twitter user via their username. It allows authors to mention a specific user in their tweet, providing more visibility of the tweet to the mentioned user. Mentions are identified by their preceding “@” prior to the username.

@The_Meek while playing “the hockeys” last night I took a puck to the head. It was epic. I think I’m concussed.

@TSNBobMcKenzie why not? Hit to the head, right. #shannysajoke


Emoticons are emotion icons that provide a pictorial representation of a facial expression and allow users to express a feeling or mood. They are formed using punctuation marks, numbers and letters.

got a slap shot to the head with no helmet, got the biggest headache :’( RT @Mike_Davis125: Won my fight by RNC he went out cold! Yay and still champion 8 wins in a row :) #mma #ufc #championÆ’


URLs are links They are commonly linked to a photo, Gif, or video relating to the content of the tweet.

Steelers erred on the side of caution with concussion in 2009: The defending Super Bowl champions were against...

No suspension for this? Are you kidding me? Its a hit to the head!